Jess in the city

This month we welcome a new Property Consultant to the team-Jessica Blyth-Green.
Not only is Jessica settling into her new role but also relocating to the area and has just moved into her posh Birmingham city centre property.
… who else is better to talk about city life for other potential city dwellers than Jess:

Jess In The City

” The heart of the industrial enlightenment during the 19th century, and now the largest city outside of the capital, Birmingham – from what I have seen of it so far – is a vibrant city, filled with culture, shops and lots of bars!

The thought of moving to the city; – exciting, scary, clueless. Moving from the reasonably small market town of Banbury, Oxfordshire the prospect of relocating was daunting none the less. Knowing very little about Birmingham, other than it being home to Cadbury’s, the National Sea Life Centre and the expansive Bullring, the past few weeks living in a new metropolitan city has been eye-opening and hugely exhilarating.

Choosing where to live ultimately shapes your lifestyle when relocating, whether you are looking to settle down with a family, or wanting to embark on the buzz of the youthful city lifestyle, and having done little research on areas to live, I (very) luckily stumbled across the up and coming Jewellery Quarter. Known to be the largest jewellery industry in Europe, the Jewellery Quarter, from what I have seen so far, is on track to be the number one location to live in Birmingham, offering a plethora of historical meet trend industrial apartment buildings, restaurants, bars and little shops.

Before moving to the area, I spent a day getting a feel for various locations around the city centre, and wanting a location which is close enough to the heart of the city but without the fear of being surrounded by concrete sky rises, the Jewellery Quarter has perfectly ticked the boxes.

Walking around the area I stumbled across the pretty leafy St Pauls Square. Spoilt with restaurants including Anderson’s, the trendy Jazz bar Jam House and The Rectory (to name just a few), the location is a perfect spot to glance at pretty greenery surrounding St Pauls Church alongside the mix of modern and historical architecture within a fifteen-minute walk of New Street.

Like many other people living in a city, the subject of food engulfs my lifestyle and Birmingham has a large variety of restaurants, bars and bistros which will keep my taste buds busy for the foreseeable future. So far, I have been fortunate to encounter The Church – located on Great Hampton Street, within easy reach of St Pauls Square and Snow Hill Station offers the appearance of a traditional pub with the twist of an extensive cocktail menu alongside food inspired by the French Quarter of the New Orleans. I found myself on Great Hampton just as the heavens opened, and pointed me in the direction of the stand apart trendy pub, which in hindsight (what a great thing hindsight is..) was quite frankly a miracle (excuse the puns!) I found the customer service to be tip-top, alongside the food and beverages to be absolutely divine.

I am also a huge lover of Italian food – who can really turn down risotto and pizza? Definitely not me. Cuccina Rustica has situated a stone throw away from St Pauls Square positioned on Ludgate Hill. The restaurant offers a warm interior, with a rustic-meet-modern design theme with texturised wallpaper, trendy glass-blown lampshades, large mirrors and fancy wooden walls. The restaurant provides the perfect romantic setting or more favourably for myself, ideal lighting to mask the hideous way I scoff a pizza. The food is delicious and portion sizes are excellent!

It is safe to say, having only lived here for just over two weeks, I have seen just the mere tip of the iceberg of what the Jewellery Quarter has to offer, and I cannot stress enough the excitement I have to discover more of the trendy suburb, and try out more delicious food and beverages in the area!”

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