Selling your property during COVID19 lockdown

During a testing time for all, the property market is facing unchartered territory!

If you are still wanting, or indeed needing to move, this lockdown period is very significant for you as,  although this is a completely unprecedented time and like so many other industries, we as Estate Agents have to adapt and help lead our clients through this period in their best interests.

Here are my top 5 tips of how to attract a sale of YOUR property within and post lockdown:

  1. Marketing

Never has the marketing approach been more important as, in what you may well see as a pause in the market, is actually key marketing time, in line with similar activity over the xmas period.

Buyers may well be at home more, which triggers more online browsing time, more time to think, more time to analyse their own home (had a few buyers saying they realise more than ever the need to upsize) and establish their intent on moving. Whilst that then rules some buyers out, it also highlights the keen applicants who have the urgency you want as a vendor. Applicants are enquiring into properties they like the look of! That is a fact.

So, does your property look good online?

Ensure it does!

Have the images been refreshed? Is there a floorplan showing the layout-one of the most clicked on parts of the property according to Rightmove? Does your Estate Agents write up describe the property how you want it to? … if not re-write it and send to them.

Is it still being sent to interested parties? Can the property be made a Premium listing on Rightmove for further reach, and one of the agent’s Website featured properties?

I would suggest this is the time to ensure you request they are.

  1. Virtual viewings

The main obstacle facing yourself and buyers is the inability to enable actual property viewings, with the government guidance in place not allowing. Whilst our branches are closed, we are open and have adapted to enable video viewings. Rightmove have also adapted and can now receive.

I would encourage you to do a walk-through video on smartphone/tablet and send through to your Estate Agents to add to the marketing, along with the adding “virtual video tour” available to their marketing. Approx. 1-2minutes long if possible. (do not have to add music or talk through of the property)

  1. Get the house ready

Use the time to sort those things you have been planning for ages and never had the time to do:

Cut the front lawn-help the curb appeal. Replaces those lightbulbs and tidy the rear garden, from de-weeding to sprucing up-Spring is when it should be looking its best.

Have you made bedroom 4 a “potential study” or is it still a dumping ground……… this is the time to focus on such?

Ensure that when those first excited viewers come to look at your property post lockdown it’s looking it’s very best.

  1. Get legally prepared

This is the time to call a few solicitors in advance of a sale being agreed, most are still open in some form, and when best to ask them about their practices!!! Have they adapted to this situation? If you have used a reliable one for the last move 20 years ago, do they still work at the same firm and how they are coping as some will not be taking on new clients in unable to accommodate with staffing levels etc.

Also take the time to dig out the electrical certificate you had x years ago, the installation certificate with that new boiler, and the Fensa certificates with your new double glazing. Plus of course, find your passport…. you may not be flying anywhere soon but you will need to instruct your solicitor.

  1. Re-establish the plan

Does your current Estate Agent know your situation? Whilst their branch is closed currently, ensure you discuss with them the approach for now and post lockdown in view of the above, from marketing to dealing with enquiries-will they re-open being a key question including staff members familiar with your property?

Discuss with them the approach you want and your expectations. Pricing will inevitably be discussed, were you on market for an optimistic price pre Covid-19? If-as predicted-the property market prices take a downturn, do you make a change to make more competitive as soon as lockdown ends…or now and be ahead of “the game”??

Ask for the stats to be sent over how your property has been producing over this period, Rightmove and Zoopla both have stat reports that agents can email to you.

Are they as motivated as you to sell the property?


I would love the chance to discuss our approach and what is working successfully so far for us, to help you, with a few other adaptations I can give insight to also.

Contact me on 07751675267 to discuss.

We are also offering Virtual Valuations as an alternative to in person.


Say safe.


Andy McHugo

Associate Director

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