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After the success of our recently implemented virtual viewings, we are now delighted to confirm we’ve introduced virtual valuations for vendors and landlords.

Find out the current market value of your home and discover how to get the most value from it – with a free, no-obligation appraisal from our expert agents in your area.

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Nothing left to guesswork

When it comes to property valuation, nothing should be left to guesswork. If you are looking to move, it is an essential step in the process. There are tools that will give you a rough estimate and it is sensible to look at the prices of similar properties sold prices but it is always best to have an expert carry out your free property valuation or appraisal by a registered valuer. It is what will determine your potential sale price – ensuring that your home is not sold for less than it is worth.

Criteria that determine a property’s value includes the accommodation available within the property, fixtures and features, the age and type of the property, construction of the property, its position and the local amenities and also any tenure and tenancies.

The benefit of a full property valuation is that you are giving yourself the most accurate figures available, before putting your property on the market. This is also the ideal opportunity to assess the value that any home improvements made have brought to the property. It is not uncommon for a potential buyer to try to deviate from the figure that your property has been valued at, however, a professional property appraisal allows you to decide what you are willing to settle at. There is also a chance that your home could be in a high demand area, with little supply – this leaves the seller with the potential to be offered a higher price. Working alongside James Laurence will leave our sellers with no unanswered questions.

The team here at James Laurence are dedicated to delivering the best service to our customers, no matter what stage of the process they find themselves at; not only that, but it is our mandate to see that process through to completion and serve our customers in every way possible. Allowing our team to carry out your property valuation means that we can remain dedicated to seeing that you receive the best possible price for your property. Our sellers have peace of mind that our sole aim is to see that their property is sold not only to the right people but at the right price. We remain up-to-date with current market trends within our designated locations.

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