Tips How to Sell Your House

House Selling Tips

Selling your home as an individual can be a stressful and time-consuming process. Going it alone is seen by many as taking on a full-time job. This is why many people choose to sell through a local estate agent like James Laurence.

The following advice and tips on how to sell your house will highlight the best way to go about increasing your chances of a quick sale at the optimum price.

Get Your Property Ready for Sale

Ready for sale means looking as presentable, habitable and buyable as possible. This includes the outside as well as the inside. When selling your home, first impressions count for a lot, and if the exterior is shabby, your prospective buyer might walk. Getting the interior right is absolutely essential and cracks in walls, tatty front door missing tiles or broken fixtures and fittings could bring your valuation right down. So spending a little on new light bulbs and a lick of paint might return in a quicker sale.

Get the Valuation Right

Knowing how much to ask for your house requires years of experience and expertise in the property market. Use our online tool for instant estimate or book a full valuation for a more detail valuation.

Getting the Marketing Right

Firstly, the information has to be out there – people have to know that your property is available. Many fall into the trap of thinking ‘I can sell my house by just having a for sale sign’, proper marketing is critical. Remember: the perfect buyer is out there. You’ve just got to catch their eye. So spread the word as best you can, but make sure you’re spreading it in the right places, like using an established estate agent like James Laurence otherwise, you’re wasting time, money and energy.

Schedule Viewings

Once people are aware that the house is on the market, they’re going to want to see it. And you’re going to have to fit in with their schedule if you don’t want to miss out on any potential buyers. This might mean taking time off work if you have to.

Respond to Queries

People will have questions which is only natural. Sometimes there will be questions that could determine a sale and you can’t afford to miss them. So make yourself available to prospective buyers.

And if you find a buyer, you need to be prepared for the paperwork.

As you can see there is a lot involved in selling a house. If you feel overwhelmed now we would advise you to give us a call or visit our offices to have a chat to see where and how we can help. We have been helping landlords and homeowners sell their properties quickly and painlessly for over a decade. We know the local market and can assist at any stage in the house buying process.

If you would like to get in touch and book a free valuation report of your home, discuss putting your property on the market or have any queries you can get in touch. Contact Us, or call the City Centre Branch 0121 604 4060 or Edgbaston Branch 0121 456 5454



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